Our Story

Handmade British Slippers

Luxury hotel-spa-travel slippers | mosii are the alternative to the conventional | No longer a single use item | Sustainable design created in England.


Having held design directorship positions at Louis Vuitton, GUCCI, Tom Ford, Versace and Burberry, and with over two decades of experience working as a footwear designer in the luxury goods sector; the generic, throwaway hotel & spa slipper-slide captured my attention and mosii-england began to take shape.

The idea for mosii was established & has grown into a business that gives people the opportunity to enjoy a luxury, sustainable slipper-slide in the hotel and spa and subsequently at home. My vision is to elevate this mass-produced item and to offer a new alternative.


A professional partnership, that made connections across the World, from The Baltics to Vietnam.


mosii-england offers sculptural contours, sustainable materials & responsible production proving the hotel & spa slipper can indeed have long-lasting design with integrity.

Michael Lewis
Founder of mosii england

The knowledge gained from working with these past clients has helped lay the foundation for creating mosii-england.