Our Story

Hand-made luxury slippers | mosii are the alternative to the conventional | luxurious hotel & spa slippers no longer a single use item | crafted using skilled traditions, designed and made in England

Mosii England was created to reinvent the generic and often lacklustre hotel and spa slipper.

After 2 decades of industry experience working as a footwear and product designer, Michael Lewis decided to shine the spotlight on the true integrity of the hotel slipper. Mosii England was created to realise a unique, new cohesion based upon the everyday function, purpose and desirability of an often generic and uninspiring basic.


Having held design director positions at Louis Vuitton, GUCCI, Tom Ford, Versace and Burberry, and with over two decades of experience working as a footwear designer in the luxury goods sector, I began to lose the desire to work for other people as a designer. I knew it was time to find a new path and that it would need to be sustainable on every level. The generic, throwaway hotel & spa slipper-slide captured my attention and mosii-england began to take shape.

My vision and goal is to elevate this mass-produced, imported item and to offer a new alternative for retail and hospitality. Mosii-england offers sculptural contours, sustainable materials and responsible production made in the UK, proving the luxury hotel slipper can have long-lasting design with integrity.

Michael Lewis

The knowledge gained from working with these past clients has helped lay the foundation for creating mosii-england.

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