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Handmade British Slippers

Luxury hotel-spa-travel slippers | mosii are the alternative to the conventional | No longer a single use item | Sustainable design created in England produced in Brazil


Having held design directorship positions at Louis Vuitton, GUCCI, Tom Ford, Versace and Burberry, and with over two decades of experience working as a footwear designer in the luxury goods sector, I began to lose the desire to work for other brands as a designer. I knew it was time to find a new path and that it would need to be sustainable on every possible level.

The generic, throwaway hotel & spa slipper-slide captured my attention and mosii-england began to take shape. The idea for mosii was established and seeded & has grown into a business that gives people the opportunity to enjoy a luxury, sustainable slipper-slide in the hotel and spa and subsequently at home. My vision is to elevate this mass-produced item and to offer a new alternative.


A professional partnership based on opposite sides of the World was able to challenge the difficulties of a post-Brexit, post pandemic World & create a fully sustainable product and production site in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


mosii was conceived and created in England and the re-kindling of an historical contact opened up the journey to sustainable production in Brazil. The relationship between myself & our Brazilian manufacturer is an essential part of the success of mosii-england. Together we have sourced reconstituted plastic felts, natural reed raffias and organic cottons. Recycled and plastic free soles, packaging and dust bags are natural and ecologically sourced and we have endeavoured to implement and encourage transportation logistics that ensure shipments are made with the least environmental impact possible; ensuring sustainability and integrity in both materials and business practice.

mosii-england offers sculptural contours, sustainable materials & responsible production proving the hotel & spa slipper can indeed have long-lasting design with integrity.

Michael Lewis
Founder of mosii england

The knowledge gained from working with these past clients has helped lay the foundation for creating mosii-england.

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